There will be no scheduled classes from 24Dec-1Jan to give our coaching staff time off to be with their families, but WODs will still be posted here.  If you plan on going to the gym to WOD, post to our Facebook page to let folks know in case people would like to meet up and WOD together.

We will be back to classes on 2Jan, and re-test week for our current cycle of lifting will start 7Jan.  Be ready for some fun in the New Year!




5 Rounds:

Against a 4 Min clock:

400M run

Remaining time, row for cals


Score = total cals rowed

So, in each 4-minute window, you must complete your 400M run.  The rest of the remaining time per 4 minutes is to get as many calories completed as possible.  There4 is no break between rounds, so once the 4 minutes are up, you are back out running the next 400M run!


Scaling Options:

Run -> .8 mile on Assault bike


Cool Down:

Roll out calves – 2 min per side


Banded lat stretch – 2 min per side

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