A classic from the great minds of CrossFit Omaha…



Choose you WOD* – 20 Min Time Cap



3 Rounds

800M run

50 Pull Ups



3 Rounds:

600M Run

35 Pull Ups


3 Rounds:

400M Run

20 Pull Ups


*Shooter’s Choice.  You get only 20 minutes to complete the workout. If you scale to Buddha pull ups or ring rows, you are automatically relegated to workout C. Workout C is also the only workout were you are allowed to scale down the pull up reps even more if needed. The major goal is to finish the workout under the time cap, as this is where the intensity is and intensity is where the results are.


Scaling Options:

Pull Ups –> Buddha Pull Ups* -> Ring Rows


Run-> A – 1K row per run


B – 750M Row per run


C – 50M row per run


Cool Down:

Banded lat stretch per side – 2 min


Calf stretch on rig – 2 min per side

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