Warm Up:

300M Run

Spiderman lunge 30’

Walking kicks 30’

5 vertical jumps

10 huggers

10 over and backs

10 kip swings

Barbell w/u



OT2M for 30 min, rotate through


1 Clean & jerk (185/130)

3 Muscle Ups

300M Run


So, at 3,2,1,GO!, hit 1 C&J, at the two min mark, hit 3 Muscle ups, at the 4 min mark, run 300M, at the 6 min mark, hit 1 C&J, etc…You end up doing 10 rounds of each movement


Scaling Options:

Bar weight -> 85% of 1RM

Muscle Ups –>Jumping Muscle Ups -> Burpeee to Kipping Pull Up

Run -> 375M Row


Cool Down:

Doorway Stretch – 3 min per side


Mash out bottom of foot w/lacrosse ball – 2 min per foot

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