Warm Up:


250M Row

10 cherry pickers

5 back roll to V-sit

10 Downward Dog to Cobra

10 empty bar good mornings

10 empty bar RDLs






Increase weight ea set

Second trip to Deadlifts on this cycle.  We are now on 3X5.  Less sets means you should aim to start heavier.  Goal – hit the heaviest set you hit the 5X5 week on your second set (or heavier).  Then, hit a heavier 5 rep set to end.


Every 3 Min for 12 min – 500M Row


4 min rest then…


For Time: 400M Run (go for PR)

So, for 12 min, every 3 minutes you’ll need to finish a 500M row. Any time left over is rest.  Once the clock hits 12, rest for exactly 4 more minutes, then take off for a timed 400M run.  Goal is to hit a PR on the run.

Cool Down:

Leg bleeds – 3 min


Heel cord mash – 2 min per side


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