Warm Up:

50 Single Unders

25 L-leg SUs

25 R-leg SUs

50 alt SUs

Lunge w/arms OH 30’

Inchworm 30’

10 Air Squats standing right in front of rig pole*

10 Push ups

* Stand no more than 2” away from a pole on the rig (move any J-Hooks out of the way).  Your nose should almost touch the pole.  From here, set your feet shoulder width and perform an air squat.  This drill will let you know if you lean too far forward.  You’ll know because you’ll hit your head on the pole.  Goal is not to hit your head while still getting crease of the hip below the knee and back up).


Back Squat




Increase weight ea set

Second trip to Back Squats on this cycle.  We are now on 3X5.  Less sets means you should aim to start heavier.  Goal – hit the heaviest set you hit the 5X5 week on your second set (or heavier).  Then, hit a heavier 5 rep set to end.


2 Rounds for Time:

20 OH Walking Lunge w/ 45/25 plate*

20 Ring Dips

20 OH Walking Lunge w/ 45/25 plate

60 Double Unders


* Walking OH plate lunges –  Every lunge = 1 rep

Video Courtesy of: LevelUp Trening Center



DU -> 2X SUs

OH plate weight -> as needed

Ring Dips -> Stationary dips -> Box Dips

Cool Down:

Tricep mash – 2 min per side


Heel cord mash – 2 min per


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