Warm Up:

200 Rope contacts

Alt Toe Touch x 5 per leg

One leg RDLs to kicks x5 per leg

10 Downward dog to cobra pose

Bergener W/U*

C&J W/U**

* Two angles of Sage Mertz hitting the Bergener WU


** With an empty bar, do three reps of: dip/shrug, dip/shrug/high elbows, muscle clean, high hang PC, high hang squat clean, squat clean from mid thigh, squat clean from shin, press, push press, push jerk, split jerk




20 Min to est 1RM on Snatch


Compare to 6Apr

 Last time we 1RM Snatch and C&J was 6Apr. See if you have improved


20 Min to est 1 RM on Clean & Jerk


Compare to 6Apr

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 min per side


Hang from pull up bar – 2 min



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