Warm Up:

400M Run

Heel 2 Butt x 5 ea leg*

Lateral Lunge x 5 ea leg

Kicks x 5 ea leg

Partner Negative pull up drill**

10 Russian Baby makers

Ankle mobility 1 min per side


* For Heel to Butt stretch

Video Courtesy of: Travis Hansen

** On Negative pull up drill, pair athletes up. Athlete 1 pulls up (retract scapula first) on bar to chin above (athlete 2, is positioned behind athlete 1 and assists if athlete 1 can’t get to top). Athlete 1, then lifts knees up (does not cross feet). Athlete 2 clasps hands at athlete 1’s waist and will begin pulling down on athlete 1. Athlete 1’s goal is to resist. Athlete 2 should use enough tension to get athlete 1 to the bottom in 5 seconds. Once at the bottom, athlete 1 does 1 additional pull up on their own (as high as they can get without breaking form). This way they have done an eccentric hold followed by a dynamic move. Athlete 1 then does an over/under grip and does the same drill, then over/under grip does the drill, then chin up grip and does the drill. Then partners switch. All in all, this drill SHOULD only take 1-1.5 minutes per athlete. This will be our drill to improve back, shoulder, arm strength to help our athletes with pull up strength.   This is also good to prep the shoulders for either a pressing movement, or on squat days where they need the upper back/shoulders engaged to keep the bar secure/keep upper back in proper position for any type of squatting


Back Squat w/2 sec pause at bottom



Increase weight ea set


On a 3 minute clock, complete:


Start at white line, sprint to 30′ mark, sprint back, sprint to 60′ mark, sprint back, sprint to 30′ mark, sprint back.


Remaining time is rest


Do 5 Rounds

When changing direction on the sprint, PUSH off your foot to get speed going!

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch – 2 min per side


Heel cord mash – 2 min per side


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