Warm Up:

400M Run

Duck Walk 30’

One leg RDLs to kick 30’

Lateral Lunge 30’

10 Downward dog to cobra pose

10 kip swings

Bergener W/U*

* Two angles of Sage Mertz hitting the Burgener WU


Video Courtesy of: CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Course


Snatch w/2 sec pause at bottom of knee


3X75%, 3×80%, 2×85%


Video Courtesy of: CrossFit®

Turkish Get Ups*

Spend 20 min working on technique and get as heavy as possible (can use DBs, KBs, or barbell)

Turkish get-ups. Kettlebell guru Jeff Martone outlines the three steps of the movement. First there’s sitting up, then the transition to the knee and, finally, standing up.

While lying on the floor, your chest must be open. Then, ensure your knuckles remain in the same spot in space. Next, press, drive off the heel and keep coming up to a sitting position. This position, Martone cautions, does not involve merely rolling over or sitting straight up like a regular sit-up

“As you get stronger, you’re always shifting your weight to your forearm,” he explains. “But you gotta minimize weight to it and really work your core pretty hard.”

When it’s time to transition to the knee, push down the shoulder on the opposite side of the weight, push off with the heel and bring the leg through. Then, stand up while keeping the kettlebell in the same overhead position

Cool Down:

Super Squat Hip Sequence

Video Courtesy of: Kelly Starrett

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