Warm Up:

Partner med ball W/U*

Inchworm length of white box

15 Sit Ups

Spiderman lunge length of white box

10 kip swings

* Pair up (if class has odd number of athletes, can do this w/three people in a triangle) stand about 10’ away from each other and do 10 passes (per person) back and forth of: Chest passes, side throw (face the partner, feet straight ahead and twist torso to one side then toss ball. Do 5 per side), granny shot, wall ball shot.


25 Min AMRAP:


12 KB Swings (70/53)

18 GHD Sit Ups

24 Wall Balls (20/14)

30 Toe2Bar

On the GHD sit up, …

Video Courtesy of: Rogue Fitness


KB -> 53/35 ->35/25

WB -> 14/12

T2B -> K2E -> hanging knee raise

Cool Down:

Cobra to downward dog x20


Roll out quads – 20 passes


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