Warm Up:

200 Rope contacts

Duck Walk 30’

One leg RDLs to kick 30’

Lateral Lunge 30’

10 Downward dog to cobra pose

10 kip swings

Bergener W/U*


“CrossFit Total”

3 attempts at 1RM in



Back Squat

For all the lifters out there, this is your day. Remember to evenly split remaining time after w/u for the three lifts. Let folks know they have “x” amount of time to get 3 attempts in. Weight-wise, first attempt should be something in the 85-90-95% range of their 1RM (something you KNOW you can hit), second attempt right at or just slightly above their current 1RM (Something your SHOULD be able to get), and last attempt should be what they hope will be their new 1RM (Something you HOPE to get)

Cool Down:

If it hurts, roll it out.


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