Warm Up:

50 Single Unders

10 kickers per leg

10 Russian Baby makers*

10 cherry pickers

5 back roll to v-sit

20 L-leg SUs

20 R-leg SUs

10 push ups

10 arm circles

20 DU or DU attempts

* Russian Baby Makers – also known as Squat2Stands –

Video Courtesy of: InvictusFitness



30 min AMRAP:

25 yd Bear Crawl

20 butterfly sit-ups

25 yd Crab Walk

20 Hand Release Push Ups

25 Double Unders


Key to this one is to keep moving the whole time. Therefore, pace it out.



BF Sit Ups -> Feet anchored


Hand Rel Push ups ->regular push ups -> push ups off a bench


DUs -> Attempts through 25 rope contacts -> Penguin Jumps

Cool Down:

Thread the needle* x 10 per side


Doorway stretch x 2 min per side


Wrist stretch x 1 min per side

Video Courtesy of: Six Physio

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